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First time in Sri Lanka, we are glad to introduce that the Customer can select an Driver now. At Recharge Tours our Goal is to provide you with courteous, professional and ultramodern services of the highest service, which has won us many accolades.

List of Drivers


Babu aged 43, home town Jaffna with 22 years of experience is a well Experienced driver who has worked in Malaysia, Saudi,Kuwait, Dubai. He Speaks Tamil Sinhalese, English,Arabic and Malay. He is an expert in the Region of Jaffna and Colombo and well versed in driving island wide. A very friendly driver he is, he has acquired extra ordinary driving skills And has done many visits to important cities in srilanka. Babu is avery Friendly driver liked by many travelers. He has a clean past record and is Very ethical. He is also able to attend to any repair that may occur while Travelling. He is licensed to drive heavy vehicles.

Mr.Anura De Zoysa

Anura de zoysa aged 49 and with 25 years of experience is a matured Skill driver who has worked in Germany, Saudi and Dubai. He speaks German, Singhaleseand English. He possesses a light vehicle license and Is a talented automobile mechanic. He is well behaved and sociable And is very concerned about the travelers comfort. He is very Knowledgeable about the places of visit in Srilanka.


Anton aged 27 with 9 years of experience is able to speak French, English,Tamil and Sinhalese. He has a light vehicle license has travelled to all parts of Srilanka and is very knowledgeable about places Of interest. He is from Kandy and is an expert driver here. He is very Active and is a good companion for the travelers. Its very safe and joyful Traveling with him. There have been no blemishes on his performance in The past.


Mohamed aged 29, hometown Colombo with 09 years of experience is a very friendly driver.Mohamed has been working as a chauffeur guide for the past nine years in Tourism industries. .He speaks Tamil, Sinhalese, and fluent English. He is an expert driver in the central province region and had driven extensively island wide.Ethically sound and well-behaved driver he is, he is a good automobile mechanic too.He is licensed to drive Passenger vehicles.


Praba aged 34 and with 16 years of experience is from Hatton and Speaks Tamil, Singhalese English,Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam. He is well versed in driving in the central province and has travelled all over Srilanka.he has worked in Saudi, Kuwait,Abudabi and Dubai. A person with a perfect past record and with good ethics is a pleasing driver and Is very skilled in taking the traveler all over Srilanka. He is able to attend To mechanical faults in a vehicle.

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